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Team Gifted Hands:

Gifted Hands Ministry Leader: Debbie Kazor
Debbie Kazor asked Jesus into her heart March 13, 1980. Was married 27 years. Has two sons and eight grandchildren Worked as a personal banker, store manager, and fundraising chairman for several Churches, Chandler Christian School as well as the Islands Women/s Club for 12 years. Had her own craft business for over 18 years. God gave her two visions. One was to write a book on fundraising, the second was in having a gift shop. Both may be coming to fruition in the near future.

If you are creative or would like to be, then the Gifted Hands Ministry may be your calling. We enjoy making and selling crafts, sewing for others, crocheting hats, scarves and more for the homeless.We have a card ministry, remembering Birthdays, anniversary’s and to uplift those in need.We have a new lending library for those who love to read. We are always looking for other things and ideas we can do to serve God and His people with our Gifted Hands.

Team Growing in God:

Cheryl Fecht – Artist/Caregiver/Life Coach
– Secretary at Table of Grace Christian Church
Cheryl has been an Artist for 40+ years, in shows across the country and galleries nationwide. Since the early 1990’s she has been teaching the arts privately as well as professionally, now teaching various art skills at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, AZ.
Cheryl came to know Christ at age 12, was baptized and dedicated her life to serving our Lord Jesus Christ.

In 2013, after many years away from the church, she was baptized and re-dedicated her life to Christ. The Holy Spirit filled her heart that day and changed her life.
Besides the duties of the church Secretary, she leads the Decorator Team, the Music Team, the Teachers Team and the Janitorial Team.

Her visions for these teams are: to create a pleasing atmosphere for worship; to have live music for praising our Lord; to bring people and teachers together for learning new crafts as well as academics; to have a clean and safe environment for our children and adults.

Building and Technology Team:

Robert Fecht – Handyman/Mechanic/Welder
– Vice Chairman at Table of Grace Christian Church
Robert, now semi-retired, instinctively is a puzzle solver and handy at figuring out how to fix about anything. He has many years experience in the automotive field and loves welding.

Robert went to church as a child but fell away during his adult years. In 2013, his life changed, he was baptized for the first time, along with his wife, and dedicated his new life to Christ.
He is heading several teams, besides being the 2nd in charge as Vice Chairman; Construction Team, Maintenance Team, Audio Team.

Robert’s goals for his teams are: working to improve the church building with construction of needed items, troubleshooting, projects, repair in an expedited fashion, and making sure the audio system is functioning for all events and services.

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